"I wonder if love lingers around lethargic. Waiting and yearning, searching, listless on venture expecting you."

-Hidden| 01/12/2014. The first poem. (via merelyperception)

"Years will go by and we will change as much as seasons do, but no matter how heavy the winter or how unbearable the summer heat, I’ve got you."

-that’s a promise; k.b.q. (via lightingupthemoon)


Kapag good mood:
- Good morning baby
- okay baby
- sige baby
- ingat baby. Dili kiat.
- I LOVE YOU ayaw limot.
- Good night baby. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Pag wala sa mood:
- morning
- ge
- ok
- k
- nyt
- kfine
- BYE! Bahala naka !



Her : that relationship is too toxic for you, just let it go
Me : if only i could i shouldve done it a long time ago
Her : do you love him?
Me : i do... so much ... it hurts
Her : does he love you?
Me : i dont know
++++ :
Him : if i could turn back time, would say yes?
Me : no.
Him : why?
Me : cause what we had was friendship. I was never inlove with you.
Him : i thought you were
Me : no, i wasnt
Him : i felt it
Me : it was just your imagination
Him : alright then
++++++ :
Guy : can i court you?
Me : no
Guy : why?
Me : my heart is taken
Guy : can you give me a chance?
Me : i cant. I love someone and i dont think i can give my heart to anyone else
Guy : I like you
Me : i like you too. I love him
Guy : Okay . Let's be friends then
Me : surr thing
+++++++ :
Friend : You getting prettier everytime we meet
Me : i dont have money
Friend : im serious
Me : okay
Friend : i promise
Me : okay?
Friend : can we hang out some time? Eat together?
Me : nope
Friend : why not?
Me : im used eating alone. Thanks
+++++++ :
Classmate : hellooo
Me : hi
Classmate2 : heyy
Me : yo
Acquaintance : heyyyyyy! Its been a long time welcome back! Btw did you changed digits? Can i get yournew one
Me : sure but I dont usually go on replying everyone
Acquaintance : its fine
Me : ok
+++++++ :
Him : i love you baby
Me : i love you too
Him : i love you more
Me : you really do?
Him : of course i do
Me : seriously?
Him : yup
Me : really?
Him : i said yes do i have to repeat it?
++++++++ :
Me : i love you
Me : do you really love me too?
Me : is there really something between us for you?
Me : am i important for you?
Me : am i the only one?
Me : are you scared of losing me?
Me : do you care?
Me : do you?

I’ve fallen so hard for you, that if I ever lose you, I’ll lose myself.

I’m an overprotective, jealous, selfish, awful human being, all because I love you. ///sighssss/// and you dont appreciate it

"Umabot na ako sa puntong ‘oo’, ‘aahh’, ‘sige’,’ok’ nalang isinasagot ko sayo. Huwag kang magalit o mainis, hindi ko naman gustong ganito palagi pero ayaw ko rin makipag-away. Mas mabuti pang tumahimik nalang ako kesa mag-away tayo. Sasabihin kong oo kahit ayaw ko; okay lang kahit hindi naman talaga; ahh kapag marami akong gustong sabihin pero hindi naman pupwede baka mamisinterpret mo na naman. Hindi na ako magiging makulit tulad ng dati kasi nakakaurat na ako para sayo. Hindi na ako yung parang sirang plaka na magtatananong at sasabihing kumain ka na kasi malaki ka na at alam mo na yung dapat mong gawin. Hindi na ako yung magpupuyat para lang makausapa ka. Matutulog ako kapag inaantok na, yun naman yung sabi mo ㅡ na hindi mo naman ako sinabihan na hintayin ka. Wag kang magtanong bat ako ganito, tanungin mo sarili mo."


"It was all so good at the start. I was feeling kinda good when you said you liked it when I nag you about your meal time, things you do and how you manage your time. But then eventually it changed, you began saying you know what you have to do and that you don’t need me reminding you… you said it was sickening. I was particularly sad and hurt when you told me that. It was the only way I can show you I really cared for you ㅡ by constantly reminding you since you lack time management which turned out to be something that pisses you off. I don’t know where do I place myself anymore…it’s sickening to be always like this. Feeling so stupid for not being appreciated and was thought to be as a piss to someone whom I really cared about."

-Letters To My Dearest, 07/19/14
You are my world.
You are mine. 👫

You are my world.
You are mine. 👫

"I want you to write those words on my lips, paint it on my skin with your tongue, feel it with your caress. Yikess."

-Letters To My Dearest, 07/16/14

The only promise I broke when you came into my life was swearing I won’t ever cry over you again. //I always do/////i cant fcking help it//they fall like rainnn///unknowinglyy

I just want to be happy for real. And happiness for me includes you ////though I know I was never part of your list the entire time//// i was like gambling my everything for nothing but a piece of token … a token that can never be taken away from me … heartbreak.

I was reading the last conversation we had today, /lol/ it was awful. The part when you said my class mates were right, and that no one can endure this stupid freakin’ persobality of mine … /it was awful and it made me turn into some whimpering street cat///grabbing my abnormally painful chest/////i sobbed and is sobbing while typing this stupidity of mine/with the thought of you lying to me makes me want to scream on yhr top of my lungs till my throat runs dry. The thought of you saying those stupid magic words agin and again without havinf the real emotion it implies gives me the ache that i cannot even compare. The thought of you faking yoir feelings to me is like knife stabbing me from the back and and again and again… cause after everything we’ve been through… after all the fights and thing we argued… I THOUGHT THERE WAS “US”… BUT IT WAS JUST ME… IT WAS JUST ALL IN MY HEAD.

Its four past forty in the morning and I am still wondering if you are thnking and feeling the same way that I do.

//nail marks all over me///was scratching my arms and legs to keep my whimpers from crying to the least sound it could make/////////this is life… self torture/// wounds and bruises are starting to come out// it hurts but i dont care // its nothing compared to the pain i am feeling emotionally